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The use characteristics and scope of heavy shelves

The use characteristics and scope of heavy shelves


1. Conventional pallet racks, also known as beam racks or heavy racks;

2. Plug-in combined assembly structure, the column is cold-rolled and processed by an imported continuous punching and rolling mill, the column piece is an assembled structure, and the crossbeam and the column are plug-in connection, and are equipped with a strong self-locking ability The spring-loaded safety pin ensures the safety, reliability and safety of the connection between the beam and the column during shelf use and forklift operation;

3. The shelf height can be adjusted arbitrarily every 75mm pitch, and the load per layer of the unit shelf can reach 4000 kg;

4. The goods are placed on the pallet, and the storage is carried out by the forklift. The storage is convenient and flexible. It can be equipped with forward-moving battery forklifts, counterbalanced battery forklifts, ordinary forklifts and stackers and other handling equipment;

5. Beams. Steel laminates, wood laminates, net laminates and other laminates can also be laid on the beam;

6. This type of heavy-duty racking system is currently the most commonly used type of storage system. It is widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution centers, warehouse supermarkets and other fields. This type of racking is the most widely used in high-level warehouses and automated warehouses. Most of the shelves also use such heavy shelves.

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