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Two kinds of Bicycle Racks Making Good Use of Your Shop Spaces

Two kinds of Bicycle Racks Making Good Use of Your Shop Spaces


Are you looking to make the most of the space in your bicycle shop? We have a large assortment of racks to accommodate any configuration of bicycles and accessories. From bicycle display racks, slatwall fixtures, racks for specialty items like trailers and recumbents to our accessory racks—we have you covered. Our racks are easy to setup, will fit a large assortment of bicycles without adjustment, and make displaying and removing bicycles effortless for your employees. 


Bicycle Rack also can be called Bicycle Merchandising System, Bike Shop Display Rack, Bicycle Rack Stand, Bicycle Shop Multi-Layers Rack, Rack for Bike Shops, etc.




1. Hshelf retail display racks provide unparalleled visibility. The likelihood of converting a potential customer into a paying customer through the use of the Hshelf Bike Rack is increased exponentially as the rack allows the customer to browse at their leisure and make the informed purchasing decisions that can only be facilitated by the physical examination of a bicycle. The increased visibility and accessibility of Hshelf bicycle merchandising system aligns closely with natural purchasing patterns demonstrated by buyers resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


2. Hshelf Bicycle Racks provide nice solution to make good use of shop places. Maybe you have trouble in such awkward condition –Making bicycles displayed orderly and beautiful but finally finding wasting lots of spaces; While, when making full use of spaces but finding the bicycles layout not very elegant. Our Bicycle Merchandising System help shop owners display their merchandises well organized, avoiding wasting every useful space, and also looking nice and elegant from the whole layout.


3. Hshelf Bike Display Rack satisfy your demands with different outstanding features.

Hshelf Bike Rack A (Multi-layers Bicycle Rack) has 4 levels to display merchandises. Through the layered display, customers can have a full view of the bicycle and every detail can be exposed before buyers, thus having the likelihood of converting a potential customer into a paying customer after well and careful observing. By the way, you have no need to worry the stability of our Bike Rack because it is made of high-quality raw steel material, having a nice structure and good capacity. 


Hshelf Bike Rack B has a simple but reliable and sturdy structure with 8 merchandise displayed together available, which is compact-layout and nice but not too close to affect visual observation of customers. Bike Rack B also features for easy assembling and cleaning for having a large space below. Lifted display can also make your shop look more organized and every merchandise can be orderly.


4. Hshelf Rack for Bicycles pay more attention to the details. Our Bicycle Racks use high-quality raw steel material and the surface is painted Akzo Nobel Nontoxic paint powder protecting you and your customers health. What’s more, Hshelf also provide every accessory that you need to use. Also, the capacity of our Bicycle Rack can be customized according to your demands.

Hshelf is a leading Rack supplier in Eastern China. With the Hshelf professionalism, it is not difficult to make your customers’ shopping comfortable and practical!



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