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How to choose a suitable pharmacy shelving

How to choose a suitable pharmacy shelving


We are accustomed to shopping around when we buy things, especially for long-term use or large items, and shelves are no exception. Do you know what to pay attention to when choosing shelves? If you don't know, congratulations, this article will give you some tips to help you.

1. Compare raw material of shelf

The quality of the shelf making materials fundamentally determines the overall quality of the shelf, and the quality affects the shelf life and safety. Shelves are not disposable items and need to be used by pharmacies for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to choose a shelf with excellent materials and guaranteed quality. When buying shelves, we should strictly compare the materials used in the shelves made by various manufacturers, such as whether the thickness of the steel meets the standard, whether there is a phenomenon of cutting corners and so on.

2. Compare shelf load ability

The load-bearing capacity of pharmacy shelves is one of the key considerations when purchasing shelves. If the load-bearing capacity of the shelves is not strong, then a collapse accident may occur, causing damage to customers or shop assistants, which will leave a great safety hazard. Therefore, when choosing shelves, choose shelves with relatively stronger load-bearing performance.

3. Compare the layout of shelves

Subtle differences will also change the layout of the store, so we should consider shelf space utilization and overall layout design mode before buying shelves.

4. Compare shelf prices

The price of the shelf is different due to the influence of materials, production technology, design and other aspects, but the price of the same type of shelf is too different, so we can compare the prices of the same shelf to understand the price range of this shelf. However, it should be noted here that the quality of the same type of shelves is not necessarily affected by price factors, so the price is only a reference value and cannot be used to make a final judgment.

5. Compare the manufacturer's after-sales service

When purchasing shelves, many people only emphasize the quality of the shelves themselves, but ignore the importance of after-sales service. We cannot absolutely guarantee that the shelves we buy will not have any problems, so we need a shelf manufacturer with after-sales guarantee to provide us with more comprehensive and complete services, so as to ensure that the shelves can be timely when problems occur in the later use process Get an effective solution while ensuring that your own interests are not harmed.

Purchasing drugstore shelves is not as simple as buying a piece of clothing or buying a pair of shoes. In the process of purchasing, we need to consider more possible problems, and then choose the shelf that is more suitable for our store based on these problems. So the first step to buy a good shelf is to choose a reliable manufacturer.

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