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Warehouse shelves and shelves in the design of the refrigerator

by:Hshelf     2020-06-07
Warehouse shelves and cold storage shelves in the design of the different warehouse shelves and shelves in the design of the refrigerator cold storage shelves and warehouse shelves design is almost is roughly, distinguishes between the unfamiliar word, ordinary warehouse shelves won't have any special requirements in design and production, but cold storage materials and anticorrosive paint for there must be required, and this is also in the design and the difference between ordinary warehouse shelves. Cold storage shelves usually use the top shelf, the so-called three-dimensional shelf, but not warehouse shelves, even on the basis of automation, so cold storage cost is very high, usually temperature are below 16 degrees below zero, so the heat preservation function of the warehouse and the rationality of the design of shelves all of these are very critical, warehouse shelves also can reduce the cost of electricity, whereas cold storage shelves reduce the cost of goods and improve the efficiency of in and out of stock. In addition, in terms of material selection, cold storage shelves though q235 basic is enough, but still choose small stress, toughness, good material must be as much as possible close to the theoretical properties of q235. On the shelves of the surface treatment, also need to adopt a double protection, rust layer and frozen, and currently have this aspect of the special industry provide plastic powder, as long as the quality is good. Cold storage, after all, it is to belong to a long-term application, must have good shelf quality with high investment returns, because when the design is more carefully, the other in the design of the warehouse shelves design needs to have a long term consideration.
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