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Warehouse shelves - iron Characteristics of shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-07
Introduction: warm prompt: the top of the conventional storage shelves and connected to the column using the bottom bar connection, make shelf stable, easy installation and removal. Steel layer board is made of Q235B cold-rolled steel plate bending forming, according to the required size and supplemented by reinforcement forms, used in steel layer board molding process professional welding equipment, make the layer board on the appearance and processing precision than manual operation greatly increased; Make steel layer board

I plant the production of storage shelves, because of the demand for storage shelves industry faces more and more widely in recent years, has been in short supply, especially in the automotive, home appliances, books, medicine, retail, food and refrigeration industries development is faster, a single project storage shelves demand scale is becoming more and more big, such as the attic shelves shelves, storage shelves, beams will match with conventional storage shelves for use. Storage shelves - Shelves characteristic release date: 2015 - 9 - 16 14:31:36 source: 【 Shut down 】

storage shelves can separate into each piece of tray or mobile, warehouse shelves to make the goods loading and unloading process more convenient, more quickly. Can adapt to various types of goods, the beam height can be adjusted according to the requirements of the goods size, can be used as much as possible to the upper space of the warehouse. Set of facilities, the most simple, lowest cost, convenient in installation and removal. Storage shelves are made of high qualified steel plate, the surface adopts electrostatic spraying process, corrosion/rust/strong and beautiful. It can satisfy all kinds of specifications and bearing design factory, warehouse, assembly line, warehouse supermarket use requirement. When you need the shelf bearing 100 - on each floor 150 kg, this shelf is the ideal choice, also can be used of platform, so the light shelf is suitable for factory to store light bulk goods and warehouse supermarket use. That is assembled with infixing pattern. The install and disassemble because it is widely used. The steel floor of each layer can be adjusted to content many kinds demand.

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