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What are the categories of Suzhou shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-01-10

Suzhou shelf has become an indispensable equipment in Suzhou warehousing and logistics industry. It is also very popular because of its reasonable price, wide variety and strong durability. But many people who don't know about Suzhou shelves are not very clear about its types? So, today Xiaobian will introduce several kinds for everyone.

1. Light shelves:

As the name implies, it is very light and convenient to use, it can be widely used to assemble light racks, worktables, safety nets and support skeletons, so that managers can easily use them.

I. Medium-sized shelves

medium-sized shelves are unique in shape, reasonable in structure, convenient to assemble and disassemble, firm and strong, widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets and other places, it is a rare good equipment.

II. Heavy pallet shelves:

It is formed by rolling high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, and the columns can be very high without seams in the middle. The beam is generally made of high-quality square steel, so it has the characteristics of large bearing capacity and difficult deformation, and is very suitable for large warehouses.

3. Mold shelves

are mainly used to store various mold items, according to different requirements of loading capacity, it is divided into light and heavy mold shelves. No matter which one is convenient for lifting the mold.

4. Crossbeam shelf

crossbeam shelf is the most widely used shelf. It can effectively cooperate with the loading and unloading work of forklift trucks and greatly improve the operation efficiency. It is suitable for goods storage with many varieties and large batches, but the ground utilization rate is relatively low.

5. Corridor shelves

are also used to being through shelves, driving shelves, etc. Ideal for storing large quantities and a small variety of goods. It can provide maximum storage for small storage space.

In addition to the five shelves introduced above, there are gravity Hshelf Shop Shelving, cantilever shelves, attic shelves, fluent shelves, shuttle shelves, etc. It can be seen that there are really many kinds of shelves in Suzhou, which can meet the needs of different users. If you have a shelf need, please call: Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd.

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