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What are the characteristics of small 711 shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-31
Introduction: guangzhou supermarket shelves design personnel, under the elaborate design of through colorful these pictures in the composition of the goods and props, strongly attracted the attention of consumers. To attract customers, increase the rate of customers into the store, expand sales will play an important role.

at present, the shelves of using range is very wide, both large supermarket or a small convenience store, whether large production workshops or individual workshops, whether multinational logistics company or in the same city logistics distribution, in order to effectively save the limited space, most people will choose to use shelves to store goods and products.

with the development of the business model, more and more small supermarket, open and orderly shelves, the wide variety of goods, the past can only appear in the scene of a city now in also is no longer new. The characteristics of the small supermarket shelves: 1. Beautiful and easy, firm structure, varied specifications; Design modelling with time, supermarket shelves is single shelf can be combined with each other, one side shelf can be combined with Angle, both sides can be combined with semicircle; Layer spacing can be adjusted, is noble and generous; 2. Appearance of luxurious, elegant is tonal, integrated with modern market environment, created the new concept of the business; 3. Heightening the arm of the root system, increase the ability of retainer, the width of the laminates, length increase, to meet the capacity of the shopping malls to heavy goods; 4. Surface electrostatic pensu processing, using epoxy resin has a variety of colors, and with strong corrosion, rust effect; 5. Easy installation, a variety of linked with any choice; 6. Columns with footing conjoined welding, increased the shelves coefficient of insurance, to prevent the shelf handles in gradient under strong condition, eliminate mall hidden danger; 7. Good commonality, equipped with a wide variety of goods on display special accessories, meet the demands of comprehensive supermarket.

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