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What are the typical features of double shelf standards

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05
Summary: as the stable improvement of our living standard, now also in further improving per capita consumption ability, can be seen from our daily living standards, consumer spending is higher and higher, the supermarket has now is no longer a difficult task. Even before buy thing to run to the place to buy, but now the supermarket all over the street, no matter big supermarket, small supermarket commodities Lin

supermarket shelves are our right choice guangzhou embellish of shelf has been important work, if you select the shelves, not convenient storage operation, choose the shelves of small, high space utilization is low, so be sure to plan choice according to the actual situation of supermarket shelves, choose a professional shelf company is particularly important, through scientific planning, to achieve efficient storage management of goods.

supermarket shelves of the market is getting better and better, because the economy is getting better and better. Shelves in the early, the best place to market, than Taiwan. Since the advent of domestic supermarket shelves, shelves in guangdong market is relatively large. In guangdong shenzhen, guangzhou, zhongshan, dongguan and other places is the nation's largest supermarket shelves supplier guangzhou supermarket shelves management standard: 1. , supermarket shelves, how to design: according to customer requirements, the venue size, to sell the item to design shelves and store address. 2. Turbine, material origin: all shenzhen cheng shelf factory of high quality cold rolled A4 sheet, national standard models for SS400 steel, the material surface, demanding. 3. Turbine, shelves pillar: shenzhen cheng shelf factory of high quality cold rolling SS400 steel plate forming tube, cold drawn square tube cross section size is 80 * 45 ( Length * width) , material thickness 2. 5 mm, the single stress of 800 kg, allowing maximum deflection for 1/1000 of the height, safety coefficient is 1. 5. 4. Turbine, layer board: shenzhen honestly shelf factory quality rolling SS400 material thickness 0. 8 mm, safe and reliable. Layer board each floor carrying weight 250 kg, guide the allowed maximum deflection deformation layer board for 1/200 of the layer board length. Safety coefficient is 1. 5. 5. , structure: all for hooking form, layers according to increase or decrease in free space, the assembly is very convenient. 6. Hardcover, packing: comprehensive adopted.

guangzhou company, paid attention to all details show when decorate, will with brand-new posture, welcome eight sides friends.
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