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What conditions are required to good supermarket shelves? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
According to the small make up many years of experience, summed up the following conditions to judge the stand or fall of supermarket shelves, hope I can help you buy suits own supermarket shelves. ( 1) Can set different targets according to the demand of supermarket shelves. ( 2) Easy direct manufacturers, so the price can save. ( 3) Have pre-sale and after-sale service, can help customers to solve different problems. ( 4) Quality aspect, should choose the high quality material, strong and durable. ( 5) Should choose stent thickening, stents, all steel framework, cold-rolled steel, strong stability, strong bearing, not easy to rust, scratches, painting with a matte texture, wear-resisting, elegant fashion. ( 6) Should choose wood foot universal wheel, thickening, imported resin and + stainless steel plate, resin coating and fruits and vegetables frame used to display goods, its main body frame is metal, resin, strong and durable. Installed at the bottom of the caster and easy to move, to reduce the damage to the ground, mesa of resin frame + stainless steel plate, clean easy to clean. Relevant article recommended: how much is it to buy a supermarket shelves? 10000 enough? How to make the highest grossing supermarket shelves success? How to choose a practical supermarket shelves
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