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What is a good style of fruits and vegetables shelves _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
People now enjoy a higher living standard, the logistics industry also developed, vegetable fruit supermarket was born, convenient for the public, and made themselves. To enter this industry friends, fruits and vegetables supermarket pick good fruits and vegetables shelf is very important, under the guangzhou Hshelf rack manufacturer what is detailed to introduce the design of fruits and vegetables shelves. For fruits and vegetables shelves, at present the commonly used on market and show good effect of fruits and vegetables have stainless steel double-sided vegetables fruit shelves and single gangmu combination of fruits and vegetables. Below small make up is detailed to introduce the two shelves: ( Wing fai stainless steel shelves) Cixin shelves for stainless steel mesa, under the pillars for the high quality cold rolled steel, baffle for multi-layer solid wood, load-bearing capacity is big, easy to clean, rust corrosion, show the effect is good. There is a middle is raised, small holes, can answer the atomized water pipe, have the effect of temperature preservation. ( Yong hui single vegetable fruit shelves) Cixin shelves for single side against the wall of fruits and vegetables shelves, shelves with glass above, increase the dimensional feeling of goods, show the effect is good, bearing capacity is strong, there are two layer or multilayer, increased the goods put types, sales is better now. ( Island double-sided fruits and vegetables racks) Cixin fruits and vegetables for double island type shelf, free, save floor space, show are many fruits and vegetables, to save space, the boss of one of the indispensable vegetables fruit shelves. Above is guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturers to introduce what is a good style of fruits and vegetables shelves, shelves for the above three items now more popular shelves, fruit and vegetable shelf, of course, there are a lot of kinds, if everyone has their own favorite shelf products can let small make up look at the picture, we can give you customized.
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