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What is the principle of supermarket convenience store shelf placement?

by:Hshelf     2019-12-25

with the rapid development of supermarkets or convenience stores, it has become the main place for people to shop. Supermarket convenience store Hshelf Shop Shelving are important tools in the storage industry, the hot growth of supermarkets and convenience stores has promoted the demand development of supermarket convenience store shelves, but the requirements for the main surface of the shelves are becoming more and more strict. The shelves of major supermarkets or convenience stores are not placed at will, it is exquisite, so what is the principle of goods placed on the shelves of supermarket convenience stores? Let's introduce it to you by the small Editor of Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd.

first, the word 'yi' is in the head and is conspicuous. In the face of a wide range of goods, supermarket convenience store shelves should be placed in a prominent position and on the Hshelf Shop Shelving that customers can easily get, the principle is nothing more than a 'easy' word. Second, reasonable grouping to guide consumption. Supermarkets should reasonably separate the consumer groups, and should consciously group the relevant commodity cabinets, such as women's products cabinets and children's products cabinets, children's toy cabinets, and give hints to consumers, attract the customer's attention and then guide the customer to purchase. Third, divide the area and increase the passenger flow. In terms of space allocation, supermarkets should increase passenger flow as much as possible, separate the two areas that can attract customers as much as possible, and arrange other areas between the two areas, for example, traditional bread products are placed between fresh food areas and fast-consuming foods such as milk. Fourth, scientific management changes every year. After placing the items on the shelves for a period of time, the shelves should be properly adjusted so that customers are attracted by other items when looking for the required items again, making consumers have a refreshing feeling about the supermarket. Supermarket shelf changes should not be too frequent, otherwise it will cause customer resentment, that is, the lack of scientific management of the mall, and then produce irritability, the best adjustment period is one year. Fifth, choose the Golden segment. At present, the display shelves used in supermarkets are generally 165-250 cm high and 90-200 cm long. The best display section of the Hshelf Shop Shelving is between the upper and middle sections. This section is called the display Gold Line, the second and third floors of the shelf are the golden section, which is in the display position where people's eyes are most likely to see and their hands are most likely to get the goods. Generally, high-profit goods, self-branded goods, exclusive agents or distributed goods are displayed in this segment. In the display of the other two segments, the top layer usually displays the goods that need to be recommended, and the lower layer is usually the goods that enter the recession period of the sales cycle. The above is the principle of the supermarket convenience store shelves. If you need to know more, please pay attention to us: Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd.

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