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What kind of commodity supermarket cashier racks suits to put?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-09
What kind of commodity supermarket cashier racks suits to put? A behind the cash register, brand, strong product back on display of famous brand goods, or the current advertising goods, with well-known, popular element to consider with season, the goods to the customer said: & other; I am here, quick take me home! ” Of course, its size need to conform to the back tank characteristics. Second, the small conveniences, we often have this experience, is to go to the supermarket after back home, to remember to buy something forgot to buy, and most are small conveniences, convenience goods need to store employees have a good finishing, find the point of customer need. Three or more exhibits some companies main varieties, in order to achieve more sales, will be more display, normal shelf, near the cashier will reflect. Four, impulsive consumer goods in general, extend to children food such as plum, chewing gum, candy, snack foods, such as categories of products, easy cause customer's consumption, can be displayed at the checkout counter in front of a few small layer board, its height is just in accordance with the children, of course, this area is not confined to children. Five, fancy goods, especially some very interesting, your person feels very novel products, I remember once a toy dogs sold in stores, by near the cashier, the dog laughed voice has aroused much ready to check out the customer interest, also produced some sales, of course, these products have their sales timing. Six, recommend zone near the cashier area is the place where customers high concentration, if cooperate with manufacturers, also can set up some back tank zone.
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