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What kind of suitable for supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-07
Commodity turnover and subject to change with different position put, or according to the commodity turnover period need to design a reasonable shelves and a set of optimal solutions. The same size of workshop, workshop, warehouses, stores, because the designers design different size of shelves, put the position is different, the shelves of layer board spacing, distance between shelves and shelves, etc. , will directly affect the unit using cost, space, space utilization, convenient access to goods and operators. Valuable things, things of beauty with exquisite storefront or compare beautiful supermarket shelves display, such as cosmetics, can put on beautiful supermarket shelves inside. Supermarket shelves on light lighting, and glass is bright, it is a kind of unspeakable beauty, but more can highlight reflect the brand image of the product. Supermarket shelves factory think, choose the supermarket shelves should choose that kind of atmosphere with their stores close shelves, supermarket shelves cannot too tall, are short of customer reach, and the ideal height is 1. 8 meters, not more than 2 meters as far as possible. Supermarket shelves between layer and layer height is not too high, if the product is high enough, it will be a great waste of the shelves.
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