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What kind of supermarket shelves is save area? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Now every place of the house price is very expensive, some businesses begin to start is a little bit small storefronts, but a little bit small stores can't leave a lot of goods, which requires the use of supermarket shelves, guangzhou Hshelf shelf, professional custom supermarket shelves, today let's talk about what kind of supermarket shelves is save area? A, supermarket shelves pillar. Is inside the pillars of the supermarket and decorate beautification and can stick out of the place goods, package pillars shelves including square, elliptical, square, rectangle and irregular arc and so on, the main purpose is to use package pillar display shelves inside them out and post place, to which we can achieve the purpose of the use of space and modelling. For small convenience stores and supermarkets boss for such a display shelves can be a little strange, but in shopping malls are very classic, not just the use of these narrow space, but also make their stores appear on some tall, the modelling of the model can use a professional platform promotion platform and the pile head, the modelling is novel, can place show sell like hot cakes products, attract customers, and these small place can be as a display area. Three, front frame. Front display shelves in the supermarket stores on this used more and more popular, because front display shelf not only make full use of the remaining space near the counter, and the front display shelves of goods sales is not small, it can also be your sales promotion, front display shelf area not only saved to a supermarket operator also can promote the interests of the many. Supermarket shelves in supermarket shelves relevant article recommended steel shelves bearing? Conventional convenience store supermarket shelves size height how high is the convenience store supermarket shelves
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