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What makes supermarket shelves sales great reform

by:Hshelf     2020-06-13
With mobile devices now vigorously development, is the enterprise to go mobile marketing thinking, such as using WeChat, qq, everyone is waiting for a write community classes to achieve for the product propaganda effect, the supermarket shelves are also want to go this way? If really go this road, then I think there must be a sea change, will have a big change. , supermarket shelves seo thinks shelves in hubei market want to have a real breakthrough must go the way of mobile devices the propaganda is very small compared to the PC screen, can't hold too much APP, and survey data show that the average user common APP, not more than 10. An APP be downloaded later, as long as there is 30% of users in mobile phones, it it is sticky, an estimated 80 - 90% of the APP will be deleted in the end. So, for the enterprise, how to build a would not be a user to delete the APP, and are often used, is the most accord with the demand of the enterprise marketing, as well as the biggest problem. Is dafeng shelves to think for a long time, today I'm going to share my experience: for example, we can do a supermarket shelves of the client, there is a very perfect interface, image visual impact is very good, then click open the can see the details of the product. With carefully designed clear big picture to display their products, to make better use of the advantage of smart phones and mobile APP, make product the whole effect is completely different. In the strong visual impact and use of the experience, on the basis of regular users to push information, can make sure the APP is often used, truly capture the user's mobile phone. Great changes in two, supermarket shelves, mobile marketing improve conversion rates on sales help mobile marketing is not only a way, is also a form of experiential innovation. Yesterday we were & other; Supermarket shelves industry how to preempt the mobile APP side? How to dig WeChat marketing? ” Share in the starbucks use WeChat opened WeChat public account, by the user search or scan the qr code can add it as a friend, in fact this is not new, but it is interesting to note the following interaction, users only need to select an emoticon to starbucks, starbucks would instantly receive feedback surprise - - - - - - - Listening music represents different mood. That our supermarket shelves enterprise whether can do this? We put our old customer database with our WeChat relative to pick up, the customer to send a WeChat dafeng shelf, dafeng shelves system will contact the customer, the nearest customer service representative to send to the customer or the needs of the customer information related to push. Our clients need not on the phone told us what they need, only need to send WeChat messages to us, we will response immediately, call and in many cases means a waste of time, because the line is busy may. Of course, mobile marketing is not the change of the way to communicate, not just more fresh products. The most important thing is that can reduce marketing costs, to achieve higher rates of mobile marketing, high precision, so the biggest advantages of mobile marketing is put into productivity is higher, and the traditional marketing invested money usually wasted. So this the mobile marketing supermarket shelves would never wrong.
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