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What principles should be followed in the design of heavy shelves?

by:Hshelf     2019-12-13

with the development of China's iron and steel industry, the technology of the rack industry is also continuously developing and maturing, especially the use of heavy shelves in China is becoming more and more extensive. Although the price of heavy-duty shelves is very high and the construction cost is relatively high, as long as there is a certain application rate, the development prospect is still good. Next, let's learn about the principles to be followed in the design of heavy shelves?

First of all, to ensure that the ramp length of the shelf is moderate, the total depth design should not be too large, otherwise the 'dead corner' of the warehouse will hinder the use of the shelf, affect space utilization. In addition, if the ramp is too long, the controllability of the slide will become very poor, thus causing the slide to be sluggish or blocked.

Secondly, the slope to be designed is reasonable. When the slideway is installed on the heavy shelf, a certain slope should be guaranteed so that the tray can slide under the action of gravity. If the slope is too small, it will also cause poor sliding; If the slope is too large, the tray will slide too fast, which will easily cause impact or tilt.

Again, pay attention to the addition of damping device. This device is used to prevent the pallet goods from tilting when they slide to the bottom end, which will happen when the ramp is long.

Finally, it should be noted that heavy Hshelf Shop Shelving should not be too high. In fact, no matter what kind of shelf, its reliability and operability are very important, while heavy-duty shelves are generally controlled within 6 meters. If the height is too high, the single cargo is too heavy, its reliability and operability will be greatly reduced.

In short, the design principle of heavy-duty shelves is really important. It is related to the utilization rate of warehouses and the efficiency of work. Therefore, it needs to be done by professional designers. However, the situation of each warehouse is different, so it is recommended that everyone go to the shelf manufacturer for customization.

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