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What's the size of the drugstore shop shelves are commonly used _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
Open a drugstore shop, shelf sourcing is a must in the face of things, it looks be like simple, but missing. Because this is not just about the store image, and more about the store management state, guangzhou Hshelf today drugstore shop shelves shelves shelves to tell you about what is the size of the commonly used! Now on the market sales of shelves are usually combined, contains a set of the frame and several groups of pay. Hshelf shelves in the production of shelves, for example, the size of the single shelf to W380 L2730 * * H2000. Double the size of the shelves for H1350 W630 L2550 * * and of course you also can according to the actual needs of their stores, choosing products customized medicine makeup store shelves, shelves size fits your needs. Described above is basically prescribing a makeup shop need a full set of shelves size, guangzhou Hshelf shelves with medicine makeup store shelves design and production experience for many years, and specially designed for medicine makeup store a set of shelves solution, if you need to learn more about medicine makeup store shelves size information, please visit the -> Hshelf shelves website: WWW. hchuojia。 com
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