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What should be comprehensive factors in the supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23

here, our zhongshan shelves warn broad customer, in the choice of supermarket shelves, to comprehensive consideration of various factors, not only consider the cost price, before we put in supermarket shelves items security should not be ignored, avoid similar incident the day before yesterday in the supermarket.

as the change of season, summer has come gradually. The highest temperature is up to more than 30 degrees. But for us & other; Supermarket shelves & throughout; Enterprise is not a good thing, because the temperature ascension, we have to face various difficulties, disturbing things. 。 。 Especially when the weather is very hot, the wooden shelf has a lot of bad shortcomings. How should we go to for maintenance,? Here we will give you answer one by one.

use wooden supermarket shelves, the weather is really hot, it's bad problem will be reflected. It would be a craze, degeneration, warpage. Then shelf below the savings door, it will be deformation, bad switch. 。 。 Wood are easier to court, the above mold. This a series of problems, we are all should pay attention to the places, in all kinds of shopping malls, supermarkets, have this shelf, did not give a person a kind of uncomfortable feeling, shelves above lay on the good, the fresh things, I think maybe most people will not buy. Is the first impression. That's it. So choose a supermarket shelves of good quality, also need to consider from multiple aspects.

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