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What types, super shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-03
Abstract: with the improvement of economic level, the steps of the supermarket industry also in leap, large and small supermarket, also gradually expand their business scope and scale. Supermarket shelves is the carrier of supermarket goods, on the key issues, deeply the general friend's attention. Supermarket shelves, what are the standard supermarket shelves with guangzhou factory, we have to get to know about it.

now the store shelves design besides should be based on functional requirements, the form of contemporary feeling, is shaping the main aspects of store image.

there are many categories of supermarket shelves, god manufacturing checkout/rack manufacturer according to use classification has the following several;

a, large shopping plaza with supermarket shelves. In suitable for use in large shopping plaza cargo planes are segmentation in many models: 1. Crown type shelf 2 forever. Copystar racking 3. The back-shelf big 4. Shanghai racking 5. Warehouse supermarket shelves 6. Center back shelf 7. Eight big back net type rack. Wash the shelves. Electric equipment shelves above several shelves are commonly used are based on their design and process to distinguish the different. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Two, small and medium-sized supermarket store shelves, shelves main characteristics of this type small meticulous flexible, light deadweight several types: 1. 2 small center back rack. Small net shelf 3 back. 4 four-post type rack. Small hangs Taiwan shelves. 5. The Angle steel shelves 6. Changeable shelf 7. Shelf and other articles from ( Guangdong,) Storage shelves system accuracy is very good, likelihood at any time to inventory and goods location problem, a good understanding of inventory can meet the needs of customers, such as FCL cargo ship, picking requirements, or in the staging area with batch control. At the same time, if the processing of large number of items in the storage and handling, use of warehouse management, automated storage shelves can give greater benefits. Companies to save time and effort, kill two birds with one stone, guangzhou shelf has been adhering to the customer for this, the self developed automatic system of storage shelves.
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