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Where there is fruit shelves wholesale in shenzhen?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-02
Where there is fruit shelves wholesale in shenzhen? Our company in shenzhen longgang district deep love lian hui road section of no. 496 is equipped with the branch, our company sales of fruit shelves have wood fruit, iron wood fruit fruit, steel frame, which can be divided into single, double-sided fruit aircraft fruit. Shelves with a batch of excellent precision production equipment, the introduction of pre-treatment spray system, Switzerland, Germany, cold plate automatic roll cutting line, the United States steel belt automatic continuous punching machine and automatic welding machine and other advanced production equipment and sophisticated production technology, the main production convenience store shelves, supermarket kits, supermarket pile head, the cashier, high-grade smoke wine. Maternal and child store supermarket shelves, store shelves wholesale. The company with advanced production technology, professional manufacturing experience and reliable product quality, the good faith management idea, in domestic shelf manufacturing industry won the trust of customers. In order to meet the needs of different customers, also can be customized for clients of different specifications shelf, for customers to provide quality after-sales service and technical support, welcome people from all walks of life come to inquiry and patronage.
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