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Where there is the size of the detailed supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-04
Supermarket shelves would include some of the basic size, the size is all use, however, it can meet with the needs of most users. But there is always some users will need to choose because of some individual factors, and other requirements. Then, detailed size supermarket shelves which have some! For example, some specific size, number or use a lot of where there will be some size! How can we know! As we all know, supermarket shelves are divided into many styles, different styles have different specifications. In terms of conventional, convenience store shelves, have back net type and the center back plate, single specification for D450 L900 * * H1350 - 1800 mm for D900 L900 * * H1350 - double sided specifications 1800毫米。 Of course, for need to use the supermarket shelves of five hundred square meters of the supermarket back-shelf available, hung back, specifications are: L1200 * D500 - 600*H1800- 2400 mm double L1200 * D1000 - 1200*H1600*2000mm. And, if on the size of the haven't meet your demand, so we can provide you with customized! Custom supermarket shelves without price and provide door-to-door service!
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