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Why can't store makeup reveals ark on the door

by:Hshelf     2020-06-10
Stores the style of commodity is always necessary to reveal ark, know your products to customers, must need to have a helper, take cosmetics, if there is no cosmetics display show, to attract more customers, foil a comprehensive product information, otherwise you will never can only be on the warehouse or on the street, even if your cosmetics how to perfect, and no one knows you forever, or in client view is a cheap, visible cosmetics display effect is obvious. First talk about the making craft of cosmetics display case, case is proved from many products, to reveal ark during production is given priority to with glass effect is better, less closed, cannot the perspective of wood, customers in various visual Angle can maximize the found products. Small detail decides success or failure, for creating more buying opportunities to provide more likely. What main highlight cannot put cosmetics reveals ark market doorway, to the door how much distance is appropriate? Market doorway is really popular, is also the most important position, store a lot of businesses are value this place, so the rent price that is not generally high. Differences between cosmetics display case is put in different places because of the location and environment setting, if you want to put the display case in popularity of the greatest concentration of inward and outward, but will receive the opposite effect. From the customer's point of view, people often contact in the first time before things will have a psychological conflict, especially in the outside to go to pay for things. Mall will at the door of the store to get some promotional activities, customers often habitually around your counter, this is the psychology of the vast majority of people, including me to also have such psychological change. That really keep in how much distance to avoid such a situation? Shelves in the design of the cosmetics reveals ark not positive in the doorway, usually next to keep to the position more than 2 meters. Distance produce beauty, is too close, people are more likely to resist, the more disgusted.
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