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With beverage display attract customers convenience store shelves? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
The beverage products sales season is summer. Good convenience store shelves display will attract consumers not only, still can guide consumers to buy, then drinks display how to? The following Hshelf shelves makers say. A display accumulation, as the saying goes: 'sell goods piled mountain', it means that goods display must have a quantity are to cause the attention of the customer with interest, at the same time, quantity of display is also an important condition of store image vivid. Heap is for the temporary inventory of impulsive purchase consumers, according to statistics, in the supermarket or stores sales, 10% from the end frame, 10% from the display surface, 15% come from the freezer, 65% from the heap. Displayed the same product category concentration will focus on display in the nearby shelf or location. Concentrated display requirements, too, are indicators of 'quantity of feeling on display', at the same time, make the customer can more easily according to the concentration of categories to find what you need brand or varieties. Easy to take easy to take the easy reduction is one of the conditions of commodity good display. Because even if again beautiful, display of the atmosphere, if the buyer take inconvenient, or got back very trouble, so again good display also unable to promote sales. Three, neat rows is said as far as possible to ensure a brand goods for display or can complete series of products, focus on display at the same time, in order to let customers have more choices, on display also can reflect the effect of neat, beautiful. Four, clean hygiene, clean the customers of the goods on display and even the entire store environment a requirement. Store personnel on display at the same time to clean up the goods in time and shelf or stacking position of health, scraped clean the dirt on the goods in time, reflect the freshness of product. Five, have affinity is relevance, many goods in the customer heart when customers buy a certain commodity he would need the related goods store personnel to form a complete set and elaborate he will find bought a commodity to add a b goods will be a good match, so the merchandising association is very be necessary.
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