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Wooden supermarket shelves loaded pile head where to have sell?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-13
Wooden supermarket shelves in bulk pile head where to have sell? Wooden supermarket shelves in bulk pile head is commonly used in the supermarket in the dry goods, fruits and vegetables and other products to do the material benefit to use most of sales promotion. Our company sales of wooden supermarket shelves novel bulk pile head style variety, reasonable price, welcome to check the physical sample. Supermarket shelf factory is a focus on supermarket retail shops, terminal sells the service display props enterprises, has its own production factory is located in huizhou, guangdong province, with supporting workshop, such as metal, wood, organic products. Factory introduction of domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, advanced production technology combined with the high quality raw materials to create beautiful and durable steel shelves, become industry reputation! The company provides the omni-directional service shop, from the space design, props, props production logistics and distribution, door-to-door survey, installation maintenance and so on the omni-directional service; Widely used in drug stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, maternal and child stores, import shops, port goods shop, cross-border goods, fruits and vegetables fresh and other kinds of professional retail store, the national business consulting telephone:, 4008881286:020 - 34093807; Shenzhen: 0755 28967236; Zhongshan: 0760 89825586.
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