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Wrapped in a supermarket shelves should have strong visual impact

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05
Customer accept of product information is not active. In many mountain products, supermarket shelves packaging must have a strong visual impact to stand out from the numerous products, jumped into the line of sight of customers, attract the attention of the customer, stimulate customer purchase desire. Full of beautiful things in eyes of products on supermarket shelves, all kinds of packaging to outshine each other. Guests can only at the instant of the moving visual contact, attractive packaging, can resonate to customers. The customer will stop their steps to pay attention to the product. As a result, product packaging design only emphasize its advertising, uniqueness, can reduce product was & other; Submerged & throughout; The danger. Packing should be suitable for the supermarket supermarket shelves display, can strengthen the terminal display effect in product packaging design. Want to consider to go to the supermarket supermarket shelves of the height and width. Should consider product display mode, the display surface, a proud display number, a single packing, multiple display effect, etc. These aspects will affect the product display effect. Color of supermarket shelves, supermarket lighting, is also the main factors influencing the packaging design. Flow of customers and usually reach 3 a 4 metres of supermarket shelves, it is a distance should be noticed. That is to say, a product packaging, should keep 3 - 4 meters outside the customer clearly see its supermarket shelves brand image; In 2 a 3 meters distance, should let customers see the brand name, the main body products.
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