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Yong hui supermarket of fruits and vegetables where to have sell? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
Fresh business is one of the largest specialty yong hui supermarket, yong hui supermarket fresh management has strong competitiveness, first is the result of the goods on display, reflects the professional quality of atmosphere build. Certainly want to have a good display effect is leave from the function of fruit and vegetable shelf, below the Hshelf shelf 】 Simple talk about yong hui supermarket shelves where there is sell more fruits and vegetables. First of all, wing fai supermarket fruit and vegetable shelf size is 900 * 450 * 1500 mm ( Length * width * height) For single frame form, can be used in pairs as a double. Fruit and vegetable shelf for three layer structure, this kind of fruits and vegetables in chengdu supermarket shelves can be the free movement of the wheel at the bottom of form. Every fruit and vegetable shelf with six fruit basket, can be used alone, can also be combined. Pillar can choose stainless steel in the form of form, also can choose carbon steel spray form, stainless steel is more beautiful, the price is also higher. As the saying goes, qiaofu is bricks without straw, without a good fruits and vegetables is can't reach the effect of display shelves. So, in the study or follow the yong hui supermarket fresh on display at the same time, don't forget to buy as fruits and vegetables and yong hui supermarket shelves, buying wing fai supermarket shelves to 【 Hshelf shelf 】 。
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