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4 Essential Factors that Should be Considered Before Choosing Shelving

4 Essential Factors that Should be Considered Before Choosing Shelving



Various types of shelving systems serve for different needs. Choosing the right one for your business is fundamental! As obvious as it may sound, the type of shelving installed is determined by the kind of products you will need to store.

Planning beforehand will save you from wasting a lot of time and precious resources on shelving systems that do not fit or are not strong enough to hold your supplies. For instance, lightweight shelving systems would better suit products which do not surpass the weight of 120 kg per shelf. Alternatively, more robust shelving would be the perfect fit for heavier goods. If that is still not enough a pallet racking system is usually used when one needs to store extremely heavy goods. This is commonly used in warehouses. Conversely, if you do not need to store a lot of material and you want something swift, then the bolt-less shelving system is the way to go.

So, to help you do the plan and choose the best shelving for your store, here we list 4 important factors that should be considered.


1. Material

Wooden, steel, stainless, Aluminum, or combination of wood and metal, ...Shelving can be composed of various kinds of material and each material has a specialty of its own. Similarly, not all the elements are perfect for all needs. For instance, Metal Shelving has strong structure, durable and reliable capacity, with heavy weight, however. Wooden Shelving has elegant and beautiful appearance, suitable for displaying valuables such as Jewelry. But it usually has high price. As for the wood and steel shelving, it has both reliable capacity and elegant appearance but has a sense of repetition in the pattern, lacking natural variability and usually is difficult to work with other materials shelving. (Click Here to Know More)


2. Cost

From general knowledge, we can say that more durable and long-lasting things are costly. But, take an example, if you compare Metal and Wood shelving then Wood shelving are expensive than Metals. Maybe the reason is, perfect materials for wooden shelving are hard to get. On other hand, metals are easy to get. Trouble behind making can also be a reason. When calculating the budget, look at your needs and turnaround time of sale. If you are a fancy person and want to give your store a classy look then wooden shelving are a perfect choice. But if you want a very long-lasting shelving on a budget then Metal ones are the best suit.


3. Products

Not everything looks good in all displays. You need to set the proper display for the proper product.  For example, if you’re placing magazines in the fruit and vegetable shelving, that would look very weird. These types of mistakes can create bad impressions for your customers too.

What's more, think of the products you are selling and the type of your business. It’s important to keep the theme and traditional touch in your shelving. Let me pick up an example. If you are selling wines then Wooden display shelving are the preferred option. Wooden Shelving's elegant appearance makes the wines look valuable. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before making decision:


What am I going to store on the shelves?

How many products do I have?

How heavy are the products?

What are the dimensions of my storage materials?

Do I need frequent access to my products?

Did I take the correct and exact measurements?

Did I plan my layout?


4. Convenience

Nothing is permanent in our life. Similarly, the decoration and attachments may also need to be changed in your store. Or, sometimes you may need to shift to another place. So, the ease of movement of your display shelving is necessary. If your chosen display shelving allows you to disassemble it, that would be perfect for shifting. But for in-store alignment, the less weight the better. The decision should be dependent on the ratio of your display movement.


These listed factors should be the essential parts you should pay attention to before finding the best display shelving for your store. 

Or you can contact us to obtain some suggestions and layout plans according to your store.

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