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7 - 11 convenience store profits disclosure: for customers to do in-depth _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
Convenience store growth now a retail sales of the fastest growing business. In the Chinese market, 7 - 11 has maintained steady growth and good benefits. And around the world, 7 - 11 is a convenience store formats of benchmarking enterprise. According to the 7 - 11 aspects of statistics, at present the Chinese market each store daily into the store at around 1000 people, but not all know each customer is very familiar with the commodities, 7 - for many years 11 kept doing daily task is to analyze the customer's various needs, and develop a suitable for their goods. Around customer needs to develop new product compared with other convenience store enterprise on the goods themselves very static, 7 - 11 convenience stores, strive to achieve a certain degree of differentiation on all goods. The differentiation can be reflected in the product category, display, or sales on time. Harsh item management in ordinary convenience store shelves commodity display, goods are according to the category division, such as divided into carbonated and non-carbonated beverage category. In the 7 - 11 the item management is very strict. 7 - when in the analysis of the goods 11 management is carried out in accordance with the various item analysis, respectively to analyze water, tea drinks, etc, are not simply press the beverage category generalisations. 7 - 11 convenience store goods developers the be fond of according to sales, customer goods are divided into the different category of different sheet is tasted, and through the precision of item management to stock up. To cater to the customer's 'emotional' brand - 7 11 has been growing pains, customer value to the convenience store shopping is the convenience of shopping convenience, invoicing, etc. , from 7 - 11 since entering the China market is facing the problem of lining up to buy fast food are better than one, directly led to the decrease of the customer shopping experience. Aware of the problem, 7 - 11 convenience store by finished lunch, including sandwiches, commodities such as rice balls to bypass. Domestic convenience store has emerged in recent years, there is no lack of 24-hour convenience stores, but most of the limitation on the scope and quality of service is very big, like 7 11 so convenience stores almost no, this kind of business model to convenience stores and even domestic retail industry.
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