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A Nice Solution for Displaying Little Commodities—Hshelf Miniso Style Earrings Display

A Nice Solution for Displaying Little Commodities—Hshelf Miniso Style Earrings Display



Still worried about not having appropriate display shelving for little commodities like earrings, necklace? May consider the recent most popular wood and steel shelving. With the blossoming of Miniso Stores (Chinese Japanese-style stores) all over the world, the wood and steel shelving becoming more and more favored for its elegant and beautiful appearance, multifunction, versatile usage, Environmental protection etc. Usually, wood and steel shelving are stable and strong to use with simple structure and easy to assemble, which is also one of the reasons for its popularity. There is doubly true of the Miniso style shelving. With the bright and elegant painted wooden appearance, stores are getting beautiful, neat and attractive, thus boosting sales.

MNISO Earrings shelving

For now, Hshelf also has developed the wood and steel shelving (Hshelf TM Shelving) to better help to decorate our customers’ stores. Following is one of the TM Shelving to show how it designed to be attractive.


Hshelf TM Earrings Display Shelving with Miniso Style

Hshelf TM Earrings Display Shelving, also can be called Earring Gondola, Double-Side Display Rack, Accessories Store Shelving, Miniso Earrings Display Stand, etc. It is simply assembled with display board, wooden grids, steel and wood frames and drawers. But it has a good quality of stability for its weight capacity can be 100kg. Serval drawers also are designed to insert into the shelving to enlarge the storage area. Clerks can reorganize the goods conveniently and fast. High base foot design makes it easy to clean the floor. And there also means having more space for free usage.  

MNISO Earrings shelving

Not only the earrings can be well displayed, necklace, hair bands, and any other little commodities are also appropriate. What’s more, the TM Earrings Display Shelving displays flatly in double sides so that customers can see more commodities at their glance to the shelving. Having a wide display area with lots of wooden grids making customers’ picking interesting, like a treasure hunting, people gain satisfaction after their hunting for the commodities their want.

MNISO Earrings shelving



Excellent Visual Effect

The TM Earrings Display Shelving features for elegant appearance, sturdy structure, various dimensions, stylish and fashionable design. What' s more, the commodities display on it can have a visually sudden effect, and the products can be reasonably classified and placed, not only for customers to find products, but also for merchants to replenish.

MNISO Earrings shelving

Novel Design

Store wood and steel shelves will attract consumers, just like changing clothes every day, will make a person feel delicate and delicate, visual novelty always directly stimulate the soul of this person. Often go to the store, if every time I find the pattern of goods, people will quickly feel the store's goods "updated", "sell very hot", if customers do not feel the novel feeling, then they may not come again. Hshelf TM Earring Display Shelving has a novel and simple design to be attractive.

MNISO Earrings shelving

Awesome Surface

Miniso Style TM Earrings Shelving surface treatment is epoxying electrostatic spray finish and a wide range of color for your selection. It has strongly anti corrosion, rust resistance with easy assembling and dismantling. With good flexible performance, the miniso style shelving fits in all retail stores especially the boutique stores.

MNISO Earrings shelving

(Above picture is the assembling process)

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