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The Accessories: One of the factors Making MINISO Style Shelving Attractive

The Accessories: One of the factors Making MINISO Style Shelving Attractive



In the previous blogs, we talked about the attractive Hshelf Miniso Style TM Standing Display Rack and TM Gondola Shelving, which are popular now in the retail field. So, why are they so successful? First, the design of combination of steel and wood do catch the eyes of people nowadays. Novel, elegant, beautiful, clear, bright, environmental protection, for now, the fashion trend of retail store should be the wood and steel combined design. Second, MINISO style shelving and rack have good quality of light and convenient, with excellent bearing capacity, bright and effective displays. Compared with the metal shelving and rack, MINISO style is more favored by shop owners. Third, accessories are acting an important role in the success of MINISO style shelving. This is also what we want to introduce in the passage.


Accessories to the shelving, just like the accessories to ourselves, Clothing may make up the majority of an outfit, but accessories are more significant than you may think. You might find yourself spending just as much time shopping for accessories as you do for clothes — and rightfully so. Hshelf provides lots of accessories for choosing to make your shelving more attractive and more effective.

miniso shelving

Six Grid Wooden Box

The six-grid wooden box can be connected to the TM display rack or TM gondola shelving, replacing the normal shelf. The normal size of the box is 1000MM x 300MM x 100MM, compatible to all MINISO style shelving. The box can be loaded with various kinds of small commodities like Rings, earrings, necklaces, hair clips, bracelets etc.

wood box 

Earrings Slatwall

With the brackets, the mini slatwall will be connected to the Shelving. Usually, the mini slatwall will be equipped with lots of mini hooks to display the earrings, so it also can be call earring slatwall. What’s more, you can hang a mirror on the slatwall, so the customers can try on the earrings through the mirror. The size can be 1000MM x 310MM, compatible to our MINISO style shelving.

earrings slatwall

Hair Band Bucket

For those commodities with a little big size, like the hair band. We provide the solution for displaying these goods without wasting the limited display space. The hair band bucket can effectively display the hair bands, connected to the shelving through brackets. The hair bands can be easily stuck to the buckets, convenient for customers to pick, also convenient for clerks to reorganize. The size of the hair band bucket is 1000MM x 100MM (diameter), also compatible to our MINISO style shelving.

hair band bucket

Glasses Wooden Box

To enlarge the commodities types on the display shelving and racks, we will keep developing different accessories. The glasses wooden box is one of them. The glasses wooden box is 1000MM x 200MM x 300MM, and the grid unit inside is 185MM x 65MM x 38MM. The whole box is trapezoid, which can best display the glasses. Match the mirror on rack, customers can gain great satisfaction through the shopping in your store.

glasses box

Bottom Wooden Drawers

For not wasting every limited space in the store, at the bottom of shelving or racks, you can add wooden drawers to make perfect use of the space, increase the fullness of the store space, increase the storage of goods, or add products such as facial masks for retail. The wooden drawer is 280MM x 480mm X 295MM normally. The bottom drawers also can full fill your store space, making the space compact, removing the feeling of emptiness of customers. 

wood drawer

Contact us, you can know more about the surprise that accessories can bring you.

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