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Report on Euro Star Series Supermarket Trolleys

Report on Euro Star Series Supermarket Trolleys


General Structure
  • Handrail
    Plastic handrail design, feel comfortable and smooth.
  • Anti collision 
    The front and rear anti-collision covers are designed to prevent the body from being damaged and worn.
  • Shanghai BaoGang Q195 wire
    Shanghai BaoGang Q195 wire, durable, longer service life.
  • Child seat
    The children's seat board is connected with the back panel, which is convenient and quick to use, and place your kids free your hands.
  • Herringbone bottom structure
    Herringbone solid steel frame design, bearing capacity is greater, multi manufacturing process is not easy to rust.
  • Movable caster
    Environmental protection grade excellent material, upgrade process treatment, 360 degree convenient and flexible, no noise, durable and wear-resistant



You need to have enough space to put your goods and your naughty kids. So the trolley can play a vital role when you are shopping, especially when you buy something that is really heavy such as oil or detergent. The Eurostar series supermarket trolley can solve the problem perfectly. It made from special Q195 steel which is able to assure its solid structure and loading capacity. The double bended base makes its loading capacity stronger than the common open base frame. Ergonomics frame provide a great support to the basket. Its caster is made from PU material with single bearing which has flexible rolling ability with no noise.

Trolleys and Humans

The components of the trolley can be roughly divided into casters, bottom frame, middle bracket, basket and handle. From the perspective of man-machine relationship, the whole body of the trolley is closely related to the pusher itself, such as the height of the shopper or the physical comfort degree of the shopper. The child's seat in the trolley perfectly solves the problem that who has a child, not only that, but also creates a warm parent-child atmosphere for shopping. Children's curiosity about goods will also increase the consumption possibility of shoppers.

Manufacturing Process

Plastic spraying: the plastic powder is sprayed on the parts, which can effectively resist oxidation, corrosion and wear



Chrome plating: after chrome plating, the trolley has bright white color, beautiful appearance, but weak handle and high cost



Galvanizing: after galvanizing, the surface of the trolley is greenish-blue, with smooth handle and corrosion resistance. The price is cheaper than that of chrome plating

Salt Spray Test and Anti-Ultraviolet Test: Anti corrosion test, UV (Ultraviolet) will lead to aging of equipment shell, so trolley needs to be tested for UV (Ultraviolet) resistance

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