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A pharmacy manager: keep warehouse cat to catch mice? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
China network on April 27 - recently, jiangsu gusu area market supervision and administration in the area of a pharmacy for safety supervision, unexpectedly found a cat in drug warehouses, in the face of law enforcement personnel, pharmacy personnel's answer to let a person in distress situation. Pharmacy personnel introduces, this cat is a difficult task to perform. The reporter understands, in the order of the phoenix street in check by a Chinese medicine retail stores, a three-month-old orange cat, will be in warehouse shelves for fitness equipment, jumped up and down, from time to time and its nest in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shelves on one side. The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the face of law enforcement personnel, phoenix street retail store clerk said, this cat is deliberately kept in warehouse. Look at it as a pharmacy staff kitten, execute the law personnel also is in distress situation. Storage drug warehouse has strict rules, but a house cat hair scurfy carry a large number of bacteria, fungi, such as might catch broken kit packaging, etc. , bring potential safety hazard to the drug store, the shopkeeper said before cognitive is not enough, the future will replace mousetrap prevention and other specialized equipment. Ancient myths, mouse scared of cats is nature, then, the store cat rat measures, what would it really work? Now the cat will catch mice? It is reported that citizens have to train cats, specially to buy two mice, but who know the cat, see in front of the mouse like see predators, running around. House cats are together in one room is peaceful, also let many people have doubts, don't house cat lost after the 'natural evolution' hunting nature? Zoologist, said the cat catch mice is to learn, now many pet cat was born eating cat food, sleep master fossa, carefully prepared neither catch mice training, nor will the mouse as a food, over time, the skills of functional degradation, so casually to introduce a pet cat, hope it can catch mice is not reality.
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