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About the steel shelves bearing of the supermarket shelves? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
Supermarket shelves in many places now popular steel structure of the shelf, is not only beautiful but also economical and practical. In buying steel shelves in the supermarket shelves, many supermarket operators can not help but worry about bearing steel shelves, guangzhou Hshelf shelf factory small make up today about the detailed interpretation for everybody. Why are so many supermarkets, convenience stores choose steel shelves? 1, gangmu combination shelves transportation is convenient, simple installation, can be used for a long time and not deformation, not faded. 2, gangmu combination convenience store shelves, its framework is steel structure, with pickling phosphating and high temperature coating process, and according to the demand for different color collocation, more exquisite and durable than the iron shelf. 3, different material wood back to the customer also has different sensory effects, let shop more dynamic. 4, gangmu combination of shelves pay more attention to the overall aesthetic of the store, can better reflect the advantage of brand shop. 5, steel wood shelves of bearing force is stronger than normal shelf, can put more goods to display. The fifth said steel shelves of bearing force than the ordinary bearing is stronger, the steel shelves in the supermarket shelves bearing to pay? Steel shelves the main material for high quality cold rolled steel, the overall structure, bearing quality was very good. General steel structure of the supermarket shelves of the bearing can be achieved between 40 ~ 100 kg, if it is solid wood + rectangular steel tube structure can also meet the requirements of higher bearing. Items placed based on supermarket shelves, shelf bearing steel structure can completely satisfy the demand of supermarket goods placement, if you want to place more heavy goods, the custom when supermarket shelves and shelves manufacturer, let them secure pillar and layer board. For the choice of supermarket shelves, it is recommended that you choose the brand and strength are good shelf factory. Guangzhou and the surrounding areas of guangzhou guangzhou Hshelf custom shelves are shelves enterprise with rich strength comparison, other regions, can choose to near their strong shelf enterprise.
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