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Advantages of smart sanitizer stand

by:Hshelf     2020-05-04
Intelligent sanitizer stand product features: 1. Adopt intelligent microcomputer control to achieve industrial-grade operation stability. Widely used in hand cleaning and disinfection of medical and clean workshops; 2. Sanitizer stand features Energy saving, long battery life, a set of batteries can be used 120,000 times, which can save a lot of battery costs (200 operations, can be used for 2 years) 3. AC / DC two power supply methods (when connected to AC power, the machine automatically blocks DC power supply, saving battery cost); 4. Infrared auto-sensing, non-contact type, to avoid penetration infection; 5. Double LED display, can read the machine operation status at any time (green light on normal operation, red light on fault or low battery, please refer to instruction manual); 6. The amount of liquid can be adjusted intelligently according to the usage; 7. Foam, gel, spray three liquid discharge methods can be selected; 8. Large area of ??streamlined window planning, liquid volume can be seen at a glance; 9. ABS engineering plastics, no damage to the 3000 shell drop test; 10. Can provide customized services of color, LOGO, function; 11. Weak acidic phosphorus-free formula for hand sanitizer, with a ph value close to normal skin, useful to protect skin health. Characteristics of Hshelf Intelligent Medical sanitizer stand 1. The first solution that can be applied to any bottle type, you can directly use any bottle type on the market; 2. Two power supply modes (When connected to AC power, the machine automatically cuts off DC power supply, saving battery cost); 3. The amount of liquid can be different according to the type of bottle used and different liquid levels can be adjusted intelligently to obtain different amounts of liquid under the same bottle type; according to the difference between the type of bottle used and the liquid pump head, foam can be produced , Gel, spray and other liquid discharge methods.
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