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all kinds of bookshelves in the library

all kinds of bookshelves in the library


The bookshelves in the library can be divided into metal bookshelves and wooden bookshelves according to the material, and the metal bookshelves can be divided into single-column type, double-column type, stacked bookshelves, dense bookshelves and sliding bookshelves.

Wooden bookshelf
The material of the wooden bookshelf includes solid wood, wood board, wood core board, grain board and other processed groups, and is painted with paint or using surface decoration materials to paste the cloth, which is rich in soft texture. The common form of the library is upright, inclined base L-shaped bookshelf, which is convenient for readers to read books, and has different specifications.

Single column
The so-called single-column bookshelf refers to that the two-sided metal pillars bear the weight of the books on each partition on the horizontal direction. The length of each bookshelf is 90cm, which can be used alone or connected continuously. Generally, the height of the bookshelf is above 200cm, and the top school will be connected by tie rods for safety.
Complex columnIt
refers to the two sides of the bookshelf, each with more than two pillars, bearing the horizontal partition to transfer the book load. However, in order to promote aesthetics, wooden boards are added on both sides and top of the metal compound column bookcase.

Stacked bookshelf
In order to make full use of the limited space to store a large number of books in the library, it is a good method to use the solid and durable characteristics of steel materials to provide books for the stacked bookshelves. However, various countries have their own regulations on the specifications of bookshelves. For example, in the United States, the stacking bookshelf has a net height of 2280mm, and each layer is divided into 5-7 sections; while in Britain and other European countries, the net height is 2250mm, separated by The width of one side of the board is 200mm, and the width of the pillar is 50mm.
Dense bookshelf
Compact Shelving was designed by Swiss Hans Ingold in the early twentieth century. After nearly a century of development and evolution, the use of dense bookshelves is becoming more and more widespread, and today there are two different forms. A kind of movable bookshelf made of metal is characterized by that the axial (longitudinal) and the track direction of the bookshelf are perpendicular. The other is made of wood, and the axial direction of the bookshelf is parallel to the track direction. Many domestic libraries use it to store audiovisual materials.

Bookshelves are usually divided into single-sided bookshelves and double-sided bookshelves. The bookshelf can be connected infinitely according to the frame. School bookshelves are generally divided into 6 layers, of course, 4 layers and 5 layers can be used according to the situation. The conventional specifications are 900-1000 in width for each frame, 250-350 in depth for single-sided bookshelves, and about 2000mm in height. Structure and function of bookshelf:

New Bookshelf
1. The chassis is generally a sectional combination type, with docking and interchangeability.
2. The section type, height, width, number of floors and number of groups can be selected according to customer needs.
3. Powder: electrostatic powder sprayed, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless.
4. The bookshelf is a frame structure: it is composed of a bottom seat, a column, a shelf, a hanging board, a top board, a side guard, a bookend and other parts.
5. The support plate of the shelf and the hook is stable and firm after assembly, and the interval between the layers can be adjusted freely according to the needs. Each shelf is evenly loaded, 40kg on one side and 80kg on both sides, if necessary, increase the load. Can be specially designed.
6. The welding part adopts high-standard fusion welding, and the surface is smooth and smooth.

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