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Analysis on classification of shelf system

by:Hshelf     2020-01-16
Suzhou is located in the eastern coast of China and has developed rapidly due to the influence of reform and opening up. As it is a coastal city, the storage industry in Suzhou is developing particularly rapidly, which also directly promotes the increase of shelf usage in Suzhou. However, there are many kinds of shelves, and the application scope of each shelf is also different, resulting in people having no way to start when choosing shelves. Then let's introduce the classification of shelf system to help consumers choose shelves correctly! (I) According to whether the shelf is fixed or mobile, it can be divided into 1. Fixed shelves can be subdivided into shelf shelves, tray shelves, through shelves, gravity shelves, press-in shelves, attic shelves, steel structure platforms, cantilever shelves, etc. Such shelves are mainly used in supermarkets, shops and other places that do not often move shelves. 2. Mobile shelves mobile shelves can be subdivided into mobile shelves and rotary Hshelf Shop Shelving, of which mobile shelves can be subdivided into light and medium mobile shelves. This kind of shelf is characterized by high space utilization rate and convenient movement. It is suitable for warehouses with many kinds of inventory and low frequent rate of warehousing and warehousing, as well as high inventory frequency, need can be by roadway order of the loading and unloading the warehouse (II) According to the overall structure of the shelf is welded or assembled, it can be divided into 1. Welded shelves ( Weldability belongs to the old-fashioned shelf, because the quality is not guaranteed, the workmanship is rough, and the structure is unreasonable. )2. Assembled shelves, assembled from a variety of small parts, can be split at any time, very convenient to carry, the current Suzhou shelves generally choose assembled Hshelf Shop Shelving. (III) According to the load capacity of each layer of the shelf, it can be roughly divided into 1. Light shelf: the load capacity of each floor is less than 200. 2. Medium shelf: Each floor has a load of 200 ~ 500 kg. 3. Heavy shelf: the load capacity of each floor is more than 500. The above is the current mainstream shelf classification system introduced by Xiaobian. Through the understanding of the above content, Xiaobian believes that you have learned how to buy shelves! The choice of Suzhou shelves, Xiaobian strongly recommends Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. This company has a wide variety of shelves and favorable prices, which is definitely the only choice for you to buy Hshelf Shop Shelving!

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