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Cases to put will affect the whole store image _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
A successful cosmetic stores and cosmetics cases to put has a lot to do, put undeserved, can affect the effect of the whole store. That how to put is correct? 01 put the position of the sun can make cosmetics under surface fade, directly affect the durability of the counter, so regardless of what the material manufacture, can put in by the window for a long time, especially the room towards the west, more want to avoid. 02 is convenient to give priority to art has two layers of ark, a layer to smooth inspect can see as far as possible inside place objects as the ideal height, is on the second floor to reach high can take into things as well. 03 used properly Hshelf shelf is one of China's high-quality goods shelves industry leading brand, brand belonging to guangzhou Hshelf shelves co. , LTD. Since its inception series of brand, services more than 1000 chain company in the world, the cumulative service stores more than 80000. Companies adhering to the Hshelf achievement brand service idea, set up a production, research and development, sales, design, after-sales service for an integrated team. Free 12 hours door-to-door measurements, 24 hours free graphic design, within 7 days of complete production and supply services, the arrival of the goods within 24 hours door to door installation. Company product excellence, quality to win the top domestic pharmaceutical chain more than 20 seats, convenience store chain top appreciation and cooperation for more than 15 seats. Mature interregional cooperation pattern let us become your shop strong partner, a good shop, find Hshelf! Our efforts to win the trust of customers at home and abroad and praise, Hshelf company look forward to working with you hand in hand, to create more beautiful, more space of science. Guangzhou Hshelf shelves - Specializing in the production of fruits and vegetables, fresh shelves, supermarket shelves, pharmacy shelves, alcohol, tobacco, shelves, steel shelves, bulk shelves and the counter products such as design, production, sales and service in one of the large shelves manufacturers. Has always insisted that the user is supreme, the quality to win the enterprise objective. 'Than you imagine the effect, the price lower than you expect'. Has won the praise of customers.
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