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Community convenience store shelves how to choose? This article give you the answer _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Community convenience store has become a standard, not store daily turnover is not small, many investors had vision for community convenience store is very concerned about. The community convenience store shelves how to choose? Guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturers give you analyze the today. ( A) Material aspects: sales on the market more convenience store shelves made of iron, steel and steel wood shelves, including iron shelves while affordable, but easy to rust, not long service life; Steel shelf wear loss prevention, bearing strong, the price is reasonable; Steel shelves high-grade beautiful, good quality, but the price is higher. So in general, the community convenience store steel shelves more appropriate choice. ( 2) Decoration aspect: in convenience stores, supermarkets, general will choose single more to save space and island shelf against the wall, match again a few promotions, goods shelves, fruits and vegetables, the cash register with an air curtain cabinet. If the metope of the shorter length of 2 meters, it is recommended to use common convenience store 600 mm long single on market shelves, three sided shelves side by side against the wall just in 2 meters, the length of the goods can be put in on this wall full of goods. Area in the middle of the convenience store, you can use convenience store double-sided and end frame combined into a convenience store island convenience store shelves, not only beautiful and easy, and higher practicability. ( 3) Height: merchandising highly influence on sales is very deadly, generally can let customers within reach, the most suitable height is 800 mm to 1300 mm. Price arrange goods shelves have article, article also should be easy to read, let consumer goods in sensory information quickly, this also is added for goods display. In addition, the appropriate use some signs, slosh shelves card, heat can further enhance the promotion information. Above is Hshelf for community convenience store shelves at three reading of how to choose, if you still don't understand or question, can make field measure shelf factory pre-sale service personnel, and then give a good suggestion. Relevant article recommended the store shelves to put points have? The difference between the convenience store shelves and supermarket shelves? Should pay attention to what convenience store shelves
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