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Convenience store shelf wholesale market? How convenience store shelf prices

by:Hshelf     2020-06-06

the store is a wonderful, supermarket shelves is open 24 hours a day, great convenience for the vast number of consumers. Believe that a lot of people at the time of shopping convenience stores are found: after the goods are all together on the shelves, so as to facilitate everyone to take. So, how to calculate convenience store shelf price? Wholesale market in where? Below small make up take you to go to the supermarket shelf factory looking for the answer!

supermarket shelves is a set design, production, sales, service as one of the terminal stores display props. Supermarket shelves from the space design, props, props production logistics and distribution, door-to-door survey, installation maintenance service provides a comprehensive range of shops etc. At present, the supermarket shelves products has been widely used in drug stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, snack shop, : shops, cosmetic shops, drug stores and shop and so on. Address: shenzhen luohu district foreign trade group building, 239 zhongxing road, room 2212.

supermarket shelves professional production and sales all kinds of high-quality goods shelves, its product is suitable for use in drug stores, convenience stores, stationery shops, drug store, and maternal and child supplies store and other kinds of stores. Supermarket shelves by multiple with shelves of experience, professional team from store design to production, to logistics freight and stores to install each link is to serve customers as the first principle. Address: baoan district of shenzhen baoan across the passenger transportation center rich building 503 room.

supermarket shelves since its inception, has been service chain of more than 1000 companies around the world, the cumulative service stores more than 10000. Supermarket shelves receives the ace achievement brand service idea, set up a production, research and development, sales, design, and after-sale services of an integrated team. Address: baoan district of shenzhen baoan avenue HongSheng industrial park building four floor.

convenience store shelves are the main points of the frame because more than vice frame a pillar, so the price is higher than vice frame. But a set of shelves no matter how many section connection, only need a set of main frame, so the shelves in the quotation, are generally less main frame, vice frame. At the same time, the price will be different with different layout design.

that's relevant contents about convenience store shelf wholesale market, hope can help to you!

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