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Cosmetics store how to use shelves to retain customers? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
Now store a lot of cosmetics, is also a lot of beautiful women often go to place, so cosmetics store how to use shelves to retain customers? A, lighting design store to choose the appropriate lights, let a person look at uncomfortable moderate, and the light cannot be too alternative dazzling. Second, color cosmetics shop shelves props and decoration color to correctly match, so that customers can see that you sell the mass-tone attune of the one, to make the whole store color harmonious integration, but it is important to note that the store props and cosmetics, adornment cannot be the same color, or you will make the whole store looks dull. Three, adornment ornament decoration, cosmetics counter can do to make the customer in the trial of cosmetics mood can also be beautiful. Of course also need a mirror, let the customer after the trial makeup can appreciate your makeup look, first good decision to buy the cosmetics. Four, layout cosmetics cases, are walking to set aside enough space, give the customer a spacious, freedom, and happy to buy.
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