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Creative boutique shelves - decorate Attract a large number of customers _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Open shop is very important for the choice of the shelves, he is different from the grocery store, it doesn't matter what decorate and shelf can not value, boutiques can manage with shelves and decorate is relevant, because every consumer customers here, is to sell some new exotic products, some creative products, shopping environment is very important, good shopping environment can let the customer feel subconsciously, your product content value, under the guangzhou Hshelf manufacturers take you know about the boutique shelves, are commonly used shelves inside boutiques and ornaments shop, shop boutiques, let a person feel relaxed and happy. This set of shelves in the optimal product shop is the most commonly used, merit goods, it is every eslite, Han Su life, city beautiful eslite with this kind of shelves. Upscale atmosphere grade, both ornaments, beauty makeup, headwear, hair hoop, or small ornaments, even the department class products can be put, also can hang, fully staffed. Is the interior of the store, no matter from which aspects are good, its height and general stores are very suitable for, decorate shelves are usually 7 layer, there are many wide variety of goods, no extra. Island shelf is in the middle of the store, is not very high, 1. 5 meters or so, both sides can be put, can free collocation according to oneself idea, want to place all can do. Small adorn article shelf basically is the same as the shops and boutiques, mainly put some girls like to buy things to give priority to, customers can choose according to their own actual situation, normally a size of about 100 square storefront renovation need 20000 to 40000 of the cost of the shelves. With light, is very tall.
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