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Effect of small boutique supermarket shelves design, rounding _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Small boutique supermarket shelves design effect, 1 a, integral design, give priority to with the brand, outstanding 2, is the high-quality goods supermarket brand positioning, but also not too costly, to be close to 3, highlight the high-end consumers at the same time, to add warmth and the feeling of home, practical cannot ignore, comfortable shopping environment is the most important thing! 2, division 1, according to the brand, according to the function, according to product category division 2, press line to arrange various regional position 3, corner to reasonable use, can be used to decorate or promotions, advertising to clear, 4, and region labeling icon to three simple, 1 on the colour collocation, walls, ceiling and floor as far as possible not to use too much color can be according to the area of 2, floor choose 3 different material or color, lamplight is given priority to with warm color department, allow customers to create affinity 4, merchandise display to arrange as the same kind fastens with color, not messy! Four, the shelves choice 1, choose the old factory, supply after-sales guaranteed 2, display props reasonable color to match with the ground and smallpox 3, brand goods, can be customized brand display case, prominent brand promotion propaganda 4, display to customize marketing class reveal frame, can promote commodity exposure! Five, commodity put tip 1, fresh goods, try to put in the position of the large, such as the entrance 2, baked goods, put in a conspicuous place, can increase the purchase desire 3, branded goods, can put in the corridor, so near to the brand commodities exposure 4, sell like hot cakes, put in the 3 - to the right of the shelves 4 layer ( The human eye level) Because people are used to from left to right, the right to stay longer, merchandise sales. 5, high-margin products, appearance marked goods, put in the side frame is more conducive to be found and buy. 6, the register before the small frame can put a few small goods, such as chewing gum, can inspire impulsive consumption desire.
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