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Electronics factory warehouse shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-28
Electronics factory warehouse shelves made many electronics factory warehouse shelves are demand, then the electronics factory is suitable for the warehouse shelves use what kind of? First we need to analyze the characteristic of electronics factory, and then choose a electronics factory according to the characteristics for the original information, the kinds of information is hard to find, difficult and time-consuming to find 2 often appear information is not clear how much, how many three batches of many goods, still remaining inventory will find that once the data and, in the recent information has been finished with four. Data is small, and the length is irregular, it is difficult to receive classified on the basis of these characteristics of electronics factory, small make up to you to introduce selected medium shelf, each layer of medium-sized shelves shelves can be themselves according to the customer demand to put parts box may receive other box, and the corresponding local also can Pierce the tag. Then again on the basis of the warehouse intrusive standards, as well as the data of weight, quantity and so on to select the corresponding warehouse shelves of layer and the height of each layer of shelf, the depth of the shelves, the shelves of the layers, the shelves of the main frame. And combination of medium-sized shelf is attributed to splice, pillar and the splice, other steel layer board on on, while the steel layer board positioning pin is fixed, and also don't need apply any bolt, device and disassemble very convenient, layer board is 50 mm as a wild pitch, shelves on each floor of the layer is 150 kg to 500 kg. If say the high warehouse of the factory, due to artificial access, access to the usual amount is larger, so also can use loft-style shelves. Loft-style shelves is rendered on the basis of the existing site may shelves, add a layer of the attic, and then can extend the warehouse capacity, the shelves and medium-sized comparison, it can save about half of the warehouse space, thus effectively improve the utilization rate of the warehouse.
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