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Excellent Free-Standing Display Rack Made of Wood and Steel

Excellent Free-Standing Display Rack Made of Wood and Steel



Store shelving are getting more beautiful and richer and they are mostly made of combination of steel and wood. Wooden shelves and other materials of the combination of stronger, convenient lighting installation, so it has a good display effect. Different materials on the wooden shelves, will appear different colors, can give consumers a different feeling. For example, light color can give people a relatively simple, natural, healthy feeling; The color gives people a more agile, warm feeling; Dark colors give a more high-end, showy feel. The steel and wood shelf has good quality, elegant appearance and long service life of steel shelf. Therefore, it can be said that this is the outstanding representative of modern shelf design.

miniso shelving

Hshelf Providing excellent TM Standing Display Rack with Miniso style, made of combination of wood and steel, which can make retail stores attractive and bright.


Clear + Attractive = Promoting Sales

Store wood and steel shelves will attract consumers, just like changing clothes every day, will make a person feel delicate and delicate, visual novelty always directly stimulate the soul of this person. Often go to the store, if every time I find the pattern of goods, people will quickly feel the store's goods "updated", "sell very hot", if customers do not feel the novel feeling, then they may not come again. Unclear regional planning and a lack of familiarity with the environment can make customers uneasy and wary, which can greatly affect sales. Compared with guided purchase, familiarity with the environment allows customers to browse more freely without scrupliness; Summarize the consistency and regional level of the goods, so that customers can find the needed goods more easily; The sense of convenience will accelerate habits and customers' familiarity with the environment. Familiarity brings more security and confidence. Various Settings are managed at different levels, so that customers have a clear sense of commodity position. The design of the wooden shelves of the store will attract consumers, facilitate their choice, develop the habit of independent choice and purchase, and promote her familiarity with the location of the store and goods.

miniso shelving

Excellent Visual Effect with Simple Structure

Although the TM Standing Display Rack has simple structure, but its capacity can be 100-150kg/layer. And most importantly, TM Standing Display Rack has elegant appearance, various dimensions, stylish and fashionable design. What' s more, the merchandise display on the TM standing rack can have a visually sudden effect, and the products can be reasonably classified and placed, not only for customers to find products, but also for merchants to replenish. In addition, the products can be classified according to categories. The corresponding branded products are placed on shelves in different regions, and they are placed according to the differences in product functions and materials.

miniso shelving

Flexible and Versatile

The TM Standing Rack has a good quality of flexibility. First, the whole rack can be assembled easily. Second, you can also add different accessories like drawer, headband holder, earring plate, small wooden box to better organize your merchandise. We offer a large selection of accessories designed to help you better organize your products, display add-on merchandise, signage and more. Moreover, Hshelf TM Standing Rack can take the most use of your store space, helping display more goods clearly and more attractive, thus promoting the incomes.

miniso shelving

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