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Hook – a good tool for you to show your item

Hook – a good tool for you to show your item


Supermarket shelf hook display is also known as hanging display, which is a way of shelf display. The purpose is to hang non stereoscopic, flat and slender products on fixed hooks or rotary hooks to achieve the effect of three-dimensional display of goods. Common hanging display of goods such as batteries, hardware, toys, kitchen utensils, etc.

The commonly used hook of supermarket shelf and convenience store shelf is double straight hook, which generally needs to be used with crossbeam, or can be directly suspended with peg parole panel. Below, Hshelf will tell you the display methods and requirements of hanging display.


1. Height and number of layers

The hanging display should be determined according to the length and thickness of the goods hung. The general display method is from top to bottom. After the upper shelf hook is fixed, adjust the horizontal spacing. The spacing is based on the width of the goods, and it is better not to block and collide with each other. The quantity of goods displayed on each hook should not be too much, 5-6 pieces are better. Top down display can ensure the uniformity of the upper display, and the height of the bottom is not enough for a section of goods. The bottom of the shelf can be used to display goods on the bottom plate for temporary turnover.

2. Firmness of goods hanging

Products can't be dropped at a touch. If there is such a phenomenon, you need to check whether it is caused by the quality problem of the hook itself or the hanging goods are too many. However, no matter what the reason is, this kind of hook is not suitable for your shop. You can consider replacing the wave type double straight hook or the hook with anti-falling head.

3. Hook display at the exit of passageway

One of the ways to attract customers is to set up a display at the entrance. However, we should pay attention to that it is not suitable to affect the passage of goods. We must avoid hanging too many and complicated goods to affect customers' desire to enter the store.

4. Hanging display method should not be used too much

Hanging display is a very useful way, not suitable for a large number of use, can be used with ordinary floor display. The advantages of this method are that the display is neat and beautiful, the goods are fully displayed, and it is convenient to arrange, clean and transfer the quantity. The disadvantage is that the display area is large, and the number of goods displayed on the hook is relatively small. Therefore, this method is often used when the business area of convenience stores is relatively large and the shelf resources are relatively sufficient.

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