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Supermarket shelf selection and placement principles

Supermarket shelf selection and placement principles


For the operation of supermarkets, how to attract customers into the store is a key point to be considered, because only when there are more customers in the store, it is possible to generate purchase behavior and help the store to improve the overall turnover. So how can it attract customers? It has something to do with supermarket shelves.

Supermarket shelves are important props for displaying goods in supermarkets. Excellent supermarket shelves can form a certain attraction to customers. So how should we place shelves? Hshelf summarizes the following points:

1. The style of shelves should be unified

Shelves should have a unified style. In the same supermarket, shelves should be unified, so as to give people a correct and orderly environment. However, unification does not as like as two peas, but as a same style. As far as the inside of the supermarket is concerned, the color of the shelves needs to be coordinated with the goods sold. For example, if the color of the goods is bright, the shelf should be gray, the shelf of light color should be dark color, the shelf of dark color should be light color, and the color matching between the shelf and the commodity should be reasonable. In addition, the style of the shelf should also be coordinated with the goods. For example, red wine is generally placed on the steel and wood shelves, and vegetables and fruits are generally placed on the fruit and vegetable shelves. As far as the outside of the supermarket is concerned, the supermarket shelf needs to coordinate with the external environment.

2. Light boxes and signs

The use of light box on the shelf looks particularly beautiful, the whole supermarket should also ensure sufficient light, which is very important to promote commodity sales. In addition, in large supermarkets, the use of signs can make customers better find the goods they need and win the favor of customers.

3. Keep a certain distance between shelves

Don't be too crowded between the shelves, keep a proper distance, so that consumers can move more freely when they buy goods. The shelf design should ensure that it is convenient to place and replenish the goods, leave a little space appropriately, and do not give customers a sense of depression. This gives customers a sense of order and neatness.

After reading this, your supermarket will definitely stand out. For more info, please connect support@hshelf.com

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