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How should we do personal protection

How should we do personal protection


With the outbreak and continuous spread of the virus in recent months, people gradually realize how small they are in front of nature. At present, how should we do a good job in personal protection, which has become a problem that most people need to think about. Today, this article will provide some tips for you 

1. Personal protection awareness

Before you introduce specific protective measures, you must make sure that you have a sense of self-protection. In other words, do you realize the importance of self-protection in the present. This determines whether you can firm and long-term self-protection work, is an important prerequisite for us to prevent virus.

2. preventive measure

Keep the room clean, open windows frequently and ventilate frequently. Open the window ventilation will not let the virus drift in, the outdoor air after "dilution", it is almost impossible to bring the virus into the room. On the contrary, window ventilation helps to reduce the amount of virus that may exist in the room, and also helps to renew the indoor air.

Keep hands clean at all times and wash hands frequently. Reduce outdoor activities, avoid going to crowded places, and wear masks when going out.

3. Personal protective equipment

  • Mask 

The general public and service personnel in public places need to wear masks when they are on duty. It is recommended to use medical surgical masks. Medical protective masks can be worn if conditions permit.No matter what type of mask, the use of time is limited, must be replaced regularly. If the mask is wet or dirty by secretions, its protective performance will be reduced. It is recommended to replace it immediately.

mask and distance

  • Sneeze guard

At this special time, adding a sneeze guard to any point-of-sale countertop is a protective way to further protect your employees and customers. Sneeze guard is made up of glass or acrylic. As a clear physical barrier, it can protect against bacteria and germs. The round corners of sneeze guard can avoid collision perfectly. The color of sneeze guard is clear, it will not impede vision and the cutouts in the bottom allow documents, money and small items to pass from person to person. It is also light weight enough to be moved and easy to assemble, you can put it in office, convenience, bank and any interaction areas.

sneeze guard

  • Sanitizer dispenser

It can be widely used in office, school, restaurant, hospital and any other public areas. When you go to a public place or go back home, you can use it to clean your hands and isolate the virus.

sanitizer dispenser

Hshelf is concerned about your health and development. In this special period, we provide you with all kinds of personal protective equipment. For more info, please connect us at support@Hshelf.com.

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