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What should be prepared before going back school?

What should be prepared before going back school?


When it comes into August, as if the Summer has just begun, for better education quality, many schools or universities of some countries in the world are considering reopening in autumn or before the end of this year. 


To help people all over the world getting through this tough COVID-19 epidemic safely, Hshelf provides several suggestions and precautions below, according to the successful reopening experience in China. 




Taking masks,keeping social distance, taking lessons online if not necessary to go back school or classroom, protect yourself.


1.    (For the residential students) Making sure 14 days isolation after going back school. It is known to us all that the COVID-19 virus can lurk in our bodies at most 14 days. So, 14 days isolation is a first step after school reopening for the safety of both you and others. In China, this step is the most basic but also the most important step for not large-scale twice-outbreak during the school reopening time. At this epidemic stage, everything will be worthless, if losing your health or even lives.


2.    Making sure your child not sick before going school. Parents should not send any child who is symptomatic of illness to school, which means that parents should develop a routine for quickly checking their child for a fever in the morning and also confirm that their child does not have a cough or any other sign of illness. If a child does have a fever, the parent should not give the child fever-reducing medication and send her/him off to school, but instead be sure to keep the child home.


3.    Making sure having own school supplies. To reduce the direct body contact and keep distance, school will not provide pencils, pens and others school supplies. So, making sure your own supplies and using for yourself.


4.    Making sure the easy access to hand sanitizer. Except the preparation of the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in school, every student better to have a little bottle of hand sanitizer for hands disinfection any where and any time. Also, it is recommended that everyone should have their own, not just to avoid hand-washing in communal bathrooms, but also for other situations like on the bus. And it’s important to practice using these items with your child before sending them off to school.


Taking these suggestions in mind and working together, we shall get through the epidemic safely. 



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