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How to place an order on gondola display rack ?
Contact our Customer Service if you want to place an older for gondola display . For your benefit, we will have agreements in pace that state clearly how each situation is to be resolved. Every detail (no matter how seemingly minuscule the detail might be) such as delivery dates, warranty terms, material specs will be stated in contract.  For us, it is very important for both you and us to have a well defined and mutually agreed Contract in place. Wishing you successful China sourcing!

Hshelf Retail Solutions Co., Ltd. dominates chrome wire shelving market by high quality and competitive price. The pharmacy shelving series is widely praised by customers. Highly resistant to fracture is one of its biggest selling points. Before fabrication, it is pre-processed in a drying oven to remove the moisture out to create a balance of the water content between the inner structure and surface. Undergoing sufficient surface treatment, it performs well in terms of rust-resistance. Hshelf Shop Shelving owns great comprehensive developing strength. The product is well received by famous brands worldwide, such as Walmart, RT-Mart, and FamilyMart.

Hshelf Shop Shelving's mission is to provide the best service to our clients through our global partners. Inquire!
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