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Hshelf MINISO Style Retail Display Table System

Hshelf MINISO Style Retail Display Table System



How to make my merchandise more out in the open? Retail display tables are excellent choices for spotlighting products or highlighting a singular item. Outfitting a store requires many different kinds of fixtures, like wall mounted slatwall, aisles filled with gondola shelving, and Wall Display Standing Rack. However, within any stores' display hierarchy, the space occupying center forefront is prime real estate. This is where to utilize these retail display tables in order to attract customer attention. Whether your business is a standalone store or one of many inside a mall, applying some form of visual merchandising right at the entrance is a sure-fire way to pique the interest of shoppers.

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Hshelf TM Retail Display Table System

Hshelf TM retail display tables system is ideal for showcasing extensive product lines with incredible variety. Pedestal store fixtures help highlight key merchandise in a visually appealing way. Our retail display tables come in a variety of styles and models fit to match the decor of any environment. Businesses like grocery stores, make-up shops, clothes store, bakeries, and toy shops can use these platforms to organize a product selection and promote merchandise effectively. Conserve valuable floor space while simultaneously maximizing the amount of inventory that can be presented with retail display tables. The smarter your products are presented, the more likely your customers will be to pick up an item.

Miniso display table

How TM Retail Display Table System Designed

The TM retail display tables are adopting shot blasting table for rust removal, degreasing, and electrostatic powder spray treatment. It can be sprayed according to the color specified by the customer. It has the advantages of beautiful color, not easy to oxidize, easy to clean, high temperature resistance, etc. Boasting multiple levels of product display, these wood tables showcase a lot of merchandise in very little space. Their open design lets shoppers encircle the fixture as they weave through your floor plan.

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At the same time, it is also equipped with many accessories to enhance the functionality of the Display Table. On the top, four trapezoidal iron frames shelves can be placed to display popular products to attract customers' attention.


On the second and third floor of the display table, you can place several four-frame small wooden boxes and transparent small boxes. These can be used in jewelry stores or cosmetics stores to display beautiful accessories such as earrings, hair clips, etc.


At the bottom of the display table, wooden drawers can be placed, which can make perfect use of the space, increase the fullness of the store space, increase the storage of goods, or add products such as facial masks for retail.

Hshelf TM Retail Display Table System utilize the design of wood and steel combination, having beautiful and elegant appearance, sturdy structure, good performance, which is popular in brands like UNIQLO, MINISO, MUJI etc.


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